the story of a girl

and the voices in her head


in your wildest dreams, babe

A eto, nekad sebe patim razmišljajući o stvarima iz perspektive drugih ljudi.
K'o da je bitno.



U knjižari ste. Vidite knjigu sa sljedećim opisom.

Denial isn't just a river in... wherever it is. How many times have you read that sentence in a story? I know, right? I despise it. Maybe that's why it became my life.
This isn't a love story.
Not a growing up story.
Not your happy coming-of-age one.
This is a story of the first time I killed a man.
Two a day, to keep the sadness away.
Or was it...
Two a day, to keep the madness away?

Kupite li je? Pročitate li je?
Asking for a friend.

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