the story of a girl

and the voices in her head



Why I've been missing you

The look in your eyes when you first met me
The secret smile when no one knew
We were texting in a full room
Hiding my eyes from you
Because you'd see the truth
If I so much as glanced your way.

And I remember you being
The only person to stand up for me
When I couldn't do it myself.
But that's not why I miss you.

I miss you because you're still here
Lingering in every memory
In every breath I hold
Somehow you can never leave.

I know there are lines with you and me
And I do my best not to cross them
I promise
But the truth is
The lines were never blurred
And you were always there
To confuse me.

I miss you in the way I breathe
The way I sleep
And in the way I write.
None of it seems as real
As when it was all about you
And me.